It is not as iFront Pagef going to a funeral is an enjoyable event and yet they are very much a part of life, not least as we get older ourselves and probably attend more funerals than weddings and christenings.
planning our own funeral is also probably not something we would think about a great deal and yet by so doing we could help our families enourmously to know and understand what your preferrences are as well as take off some pressure to make decisions at a time when they can be the most difficult decisions to make.

If you find yourself in the position of having to arrange or attend a funeral, you may find some useful information on the Church of England's web site which can be reached by clicking on the logo above or by clicking here: Church of England Funerals.

In Hunwick and Willington we tend to work most with the local independent funeral directors Hardy's and Gibsons although sometimes with the Co-op and others. It is your choice which funeral director you ask to make the arrangements for your loved one and we are happy to work with all professional funeral directors.

Click on the image to the left to download a copy of the St. Stephen's, Willington Bereavement Leaflet which is given to every family who arranges a funeral at St. Stephen's.

In addition to the leaflet we offer a monthly Coffee and Chat drop-in coffee morning in St. Stephen's Church on the 3rd Wednesday of each month between 10.30am and midday. You are welcome to come along for as long or short a time as you wish. There is no charge and no obligation - just an opportunity ot get out and chat to some folks from the area, most of whom have experienced bereavement in the not too distant past.

Our Pastoral Team consists of the Vicar, Fr. David Spokes, Assistant Priest, The Venerable Shirley Griffiths and Authorised Pastoral Assistant, Gillian Spokes. In addition our Bereavement Team consists of Margaret, Dorothy and Elizabeth.


Remembrance is an important part of our grieving process and the Church is here to help you to remember your loved ones in various ways. In both of our churches there is a Book of Remembrance in which families have written the name of their departed loved one on the day of the year on which they died. Every day the page of the book is turned and you are welcome to come to church to see that entry on the day or, by arrangement, on any other day you wish.There is also an annual day of remembrance around the church festival day of All Souls which is kept on 2nd November. In Hunwick, a special service is held as near to All Souls' Day as possible and in Willington we hold the service at 6.00pm on the first Sunday of November.  

If you have lost someone very close to you and you are thinking about them often, you might like to consider lighting a candle that will burn either during a time of remembrance or in the times when you cannot be consciously thinking about them. You can light a candle in church - most churches will have a candle stand - or you can light a virtual candle on line at the Church of England web site. Click on the image to go straight to Light A Candle. 


Candle for remembrance

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